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Epic Family summer adventure

Dolphin Camp (ages 5-14) and Family Dive/Snorkel Adventure: Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan, Honduras:

Join us for an unforgettable summer adventure for the whole family. Parents will enjoy plenty of adult time, diving, snorkeling or relaxing in a hammock, by the pool or at the spa while kids, ages 5-14, participate in a one of a kind magical ocean journey making friends, training dolphins, Scuba Diving, riding horseback on the beach and having a blast. 

At Dolphin Scuba Camp your kids will spend the week getting to know the resident bottlenose dolphins at Anthony's Key through various encounters, feedings, and training sessions working side by side with professional dolphin trainers. Dolphin Camp also includes dolphin education lessons, evening activities (2 nights while parents night dive/snorkel/relax), marine life slideshows, island field trips, horseback riding, a family beach dolphin encounter and Scuba Certification activities: 

     1)   SASY - Supplied Air Snorkeling: ages 5-7 

     2)  PADI Bubblemaker: ages 8-9 

     3)  PADI Jr. Scuba Diver Certification: ages 10-14

 For Dolphin Campers who are already certified, they will get up to 8 open water dives per week with parents.        

Click here for an example of the camp schedule:  

See more information here: 


JUNE 29-JULY 6, 2019


Anthony'S KEY



Anthony's Key is offering a 2 for 1 special for all Diving, Snorkeling, Resort, and Dolphin Camp packages for 2019. As a group we will make every effort to combine reservations so each of our participants can take advantage of this unique discount regardless of whether or not you have an even number of family members signed up for the same package. This discount is based on double adult occupancy. 


Family members ages 14+ choose from 1 of 3 options

1. Diving Package -  

2. Snorkeling Package -  

3. Resort Package -

ALL PACKAGES include airport transfers, 7 nights lodging, and 3 meals a day, unlimited use of kayaks and paddleboards, a family picnic at Maya Key, and a family dolphin encounter on Bailey's Key.


Anthony's key is a safe, magical, tropical hideaway with palm trees, no cars or streets, sandy pathways, a beautiful pool, a quaint little spa, and charming wooden bungalows scattered on the fringes of the key. It is small enough to walk the perimeter of the key in just a few minutes. 


For lodging we have two options:

- the Key Deluxe room  

- the Key superior

Both have air conditioning. The Key Deluxe is slightly larger, has a private deck, a king size bed, a double bed and can accommodate a rollway. 

The Key Superior shares a deck with one other bungalow which is nice for families and friends staying in more than one bungalow. 


Prices with 50% discount and 19% taxes already included. This is based on Double Adult Occupancy (at least 2 adults) 

-Key Deluxe Diver: $1537.00. 

-Key Deluxe Snorkeler: $1478.00. 

-Key Deluxe Resort: $1309.00. 

-Key Superior Diver: $1418.00. 

-Key Superior Snorkeler: $1359.00. 

-Key Superior Resort: $1240.00.  

Dolphin Camp (ages 5-14):

-Ages 5-9: $829.45. 

-Ages 10-14 non-diver (not certified nor seeking certification while at camp): $829.45. 

-Ages 10-14 (already certified or seeking certification): $918.17. 

Children ages 4 and under are free

Prices do not include airfare, baggage fees, gratuities, equipment rental, optional donation to marine park and hyperbaric chamber, passport, optional travel and diving insurance. 


The airport code in Roatan is RTB. 

packages and bungalows

Scuba Package


Dive, Eat, Sleep, Repeat! The dive package includes 7 nights Accommodations, RT Airport Transfers, Welcome Island Cocktail & Orientation, Three Meals Daily, Three Single Tank Boat Dives per day, Air Tanks, Weight Belts & Weights, Admission to the Roatan Museum,  use of Kayaks and Stand-Up Paddleboards, Two Single Tank Boat Night Dives per week, a Buoyancy Control Workshop, Shore Diving During Shop Hours, a day excursion to the private island of Maya Key, and a fun-filled night during an “Island Fiesta” on the key.

Snorkel Package


The daily snorkel package includes 7 Nights Accommodations, Airport Transfers, Welcome Island Cocktail & Orientation, Three Meals Daily, Two Guided Snorkels by Boat per day, Underwater Fish ID Card, Admission to the Roatan Museum, use of Kayaks and Stand-Up Paddleboards, One Night Boat Snorkel per week, a Reef Ecology Lecture & Fish ID Slide Show, and a Dolphin Beach Encounter; you’ll get to enjoy a day excursion to the private island of Maya Key, and a fun-filled Island Family Fiesta Night on the Key.

Resort Package


Experience a week of sheer relaxation. spending your days luxuriating in a hammock, or resting by the pool. You can enjoy daily spa treatments while your children enjoy a magical week at Dolphin Scuba Camp. The resort Package includes 7-Nights Hotel Accommodations,  3 meals daily, RT Airport Transfers,  Welcome Island Cocktail and Orientation,  Admission to Roatan Museum,  Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddle,  Day Excursion to Maya Key, and Family  Island Fiesta Night on the Key


Key Deluxe bungalows are our most spacious bungalows, and you’ll find them dispersed along the perim

Key Superior bungalows feature warm hardwood floors that invite your bare feet to walk and Honduran hardwood furnishings elegantly arranged throughout. These bungalows are air-conditioned, weather-sealed, and fitted with high visibility glass windows for spectacular ocean vistas. Most Key Superior bungalows are situated in groups of two, three or four and share a covered deck, making them ideal to gather with family and friends on your shared porch inviting you to unwind in a cozy hammock at the end of the day! 



Key Deluxe bungalows are our most spacious bungalows. You’ll find them dispersed along the perimeter of the key. These bungalows feature wood floors, Honduran hardwood furnishings, natural stone counter-tops, air-conditioning, and high visibility glass windows for spectacular ocean views. Each bungalow has an adjoined private covered deck, inviting you to unwind after a day of diving and rest in a cozy hammock while embracing the tranquility after a day full of adventure. 



Anthony's Key is offering a 2 for one special discount for Summer 2019. This is based on 2 adults per bungalow. If your family does not have 2 people signed up for the same package, we will do our very best to match you with someone in our group who is signed up for the same package. We will also attempt to match families with an odd number of children together. Although we do our best to make these matches, there is no way we can guarantee it. We match folks as they sign up so the earlier you sign up, the better chance we have of getting you matched.